Invisible Label /Text Encoding

What is it?

tech hidden principleThe system can embed a code into a text or a label via microscopic modifications that are totally invisible to the human eye.

tech hidden how it works


The hidden ID can only be read by a dedicated smartphone application so only authorized users will be able to retrieve the information linked to the item. It is therefore possible to perform audit operations to confirm that specific items have indeed followed the chain of operations they were supposed to and have not been redispatched improperly.


How does it work?

The hidden code serializazion environment relies on three interoperable components:

  1. An encoding module that injects the invisible code into the labels for printing.
  2. A smartphone to extract the hidden code from the label
  3. An underlying platform to consolidate the complete information: associate a serial number to an item, trace all items movements, perform audit operation across the Supply Chain, etc.

When to use it?

The encoding of an invisible code is appropriate when there is a need to control the product flow (specifically when verification happens by lot or batch). For example:

  • Audit of the Supply Chain to prevent grey market situations
  • Internal traceability when a barcode is not applicable e.g. for aesthetic reasons (luxury goods) or for label-related considerations (such as no more space available for a barcode in the marketing design).

Furthermore, the authentication can be performed using a simple smartphone with no need for additional (expensive) equipment; this also adds geographic traceability as each control operation can transfer the relevant GPS coordinates to the central repository.