Store Management

A Fully-Featured Store Management Solution

retail pos
Point Of Sale (POS) management with tickets, weights, rebates, returns, multiple payment modes, etc.
retail hierarchy
Hierarchical multi-country management of the entire Supply Chain supporting large chains, franchises and independent stores.
retail logistics
Complete logistics management for orders, stocks, locations, replenishment strategies and inventory.
retail price tag
Node-specific configuration of items’ price/margin with optimization of the product mix based on the shop’s profile.
retail promotions card
Extensive multi-criteria promotional offers management integrated with fidelity cards for customer loyalty/retention.

Fully Customizable Environment

retail customizable environmentThanks to its node-based configuration, the S4GV Store Management solution is fully customizable with information and parameters that are perfectly segregated in the geographic hierarchy:

  • Items and Prices
  • Promotions
  • Replenishment
  • Suppliers
  • Reports
  • Budgets and Forecasts
  • Etc

It is for example possible to inherit information from the parent hierarchy or specify:

  • Different prices for different shops for the same item
  • Different replenishment rules and origin (supplier, primary DC, secondary DC, etc.) for the multiple stocks of a given shop
  • Different suppliers altogether

Inventories can be performed on multiple perimeters: from a single stock of single shop to all the stocks of a given shop or on a broader range across multiple shops.

Promotions, Fidelity Cards and CRM

retail promotion cards diagramThe S4GV Store Management solution has one of the most advanced engine of the market for the definition of promotions:

  • Special price on additional items e.g. "Buy 4, get 1 free"
  • Percentage rebate on a specific item and/or category e.g. "Get 10% off all clothes between Apr 1 and Apr 5"
  • Based on fidelity points e.g. "Earn 1000 points for every €100 spent"
  • Mix & Match e.g. "Get 10% discount when buying both shirt and pants"
  • Vouchers e.g. "Get a €10 voucher in exchange for 5000 fidelity points"

When promotions are used in conjunction with Fidelity Cards, it is then possible to build a CRM-centric cycle allowing for targeted operations on specific customer categories.