RFID Warehousing & Logistics

Main features

warehousing logistics
Complete logistics management for orders, stocks, movements, transfers, replenishment strategies, etc.
warehousing inventory
Advanced inventory management with RFID integration for (semi-)automated operations and continuous cycle count.
retail hierarchy
Hierarchical management of the warehouses, stocks and locations topologies compatible with any deployment size.
warehousing todo
Multi-level task/rule engine configurable for the various steps of the process (e.g. inspection/QA).
monitoring gps
Location management with support for dynamic distributed positioning for put-away and picking.
warehousing 3pl
Support for Third-Party Logistics (3PL) with advanced billing configuration (per unit, per duration, etc.).

A customer example

warehousing exampleThe capabilities of the S4GV Warehousing and Logistics solution can be described via an example of the production deployment at one of S4GV's customers. The following is a description of the delivered services.

  • Supplier management and (automated) replenishment: the S4GV Warehousing and Logistics solution handles all suppliers' references and manages the corresponding Purchase Orders. It can also deal with automated replenishment depending on fully customizable parameters.
  • Inspection and Quality Control: when items are received from the suppliers, they are kept in the (incoming) "Staging Area" until inspection. The S4GV Warehousing and Logistics solution has been configured with a set of QA rules that redirects items towards the relevant stock. For example, if the item is  worth more than X € it must be verified more thoroughly and is therefore moved to the "Advanced Inspection" stock; if specific characteristics of the item are not satisfactory, it is moved to the "Rejected" stock; if all seems correct, the S4GV Platform will instruct in which location of the main stock to put the  items. This means that the items from the same box or  Purchase Order may not be positioned contiguously as the S4GV Platform will optimize the utilization of the locations available.
  • Stock management: the S4GV Platform can handle a hierarchy of geographic nodes each deploying multiple stocks made by multiple locations. All items' movements are tracked in details.
  • Inventory: the S4GV Warehousing and Logistics solution provides full inventory capabilities and in particular when relying on RFID for semi-automated processing.
  • Shipping Sales Orders: when the S4GV Platform processes a Sales Orders, it triggers a Picking process that guides the employee via the RFID gun towards all the items required to fulfill the order. Items are then packed and moved to the (outgoing) "Staging Area" where they will be passed on to the proper transporter. The content of the boxes and pallets can be verified at any time via RFID.
  • Integration with tranportation providers: the S4GV Warehousing and Logistics solution is integrated with the systems of the customer's preferred tranportation providers.
  • Integration with ERP: the S4GV Warehousing and Logistics solution is integrated transparently with the customer's ERP (NetSuite).