End-to-End Visibility, Traceability and Integrity for the Supply Chain

Product and Solution Positioning

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S4GV (Solutions For Global Visibility) specializes in end-to-end multi-enterprise supply chain visibility solutions, providing an open and efficient execution environment with detailed actionable information.



 item centricOur secure multi-enterprise collaboration platforms span the entire supply chain, from manufacturing all the way to the retail shop, guaranteeing full traceability and integrity of any kind of logistics unit: containers, pallets, boxes, selling units and/or product components.

Indeed, the entire S4GV Platform rely on the fact that "the item is king": unlike ERPs that are typically linked to single legal entity or geographical location, the S4GV Solutions spans throughout the entire item life-cycle across multiple organizations, including customers and suppliers. Furthermore, the term "item" is very broad and can refer to:

  1. A component of an article
  2. An article itself
  3. A Box
  4. A Pallet
  5. A Container
  6. Etc.

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All S4GV Solutions are natively integrated with leading-edge serialization technologies, support mobile- and cloud-computing deployments and a customized setup is executed up to 5 times faster than most competitors.


Main Features

e2e logistics
Manage your items through your multi-actor logistics flow covering multiple locations and legal entities.
e2e trace
Trace each component and the corresponding responsible parties and guarantee its integrity across its entire life-cycle.
e2e control
Improve the quality and control of your shipment, receiving and inventory operations via extended automation and workflows.
e2e monitor
Monitor and react in real-time to the transportation conditions of your load and control all the corresponding documentation.
e2e retail
Extend your store management capabilities with advanced promotions and increase your customers’ loyalty via fidelity cards.
e2e api
Integrate from/to your current systems thanks to an open and secure environment.

The S4GV Information Platform

e2e info hubThe S4GV Information Platform is the core component providing reusable and pluggable services to all S4GV Solutions. These include:

  • Logistics: Order Management (Sales, Purchase, Transfer); stocks, movements and inventory; locations and warehousing.
  • Shop Management: POS, prices, budges; fidelity cards; promotional offers.
  • Document Management: coverage of the entire logistics flow; secured document exchange.
  • Workflow and Tasks Management: dynamic tasks types and controls; pass/fail contextual information (pictures, etc.); role-based allocation.
  • Reporting: pre-defined and custom reporting with multiple output formats.
  • Item Serialization: technology-agnostic but supporting multiple serialization approached as well as bundling one-to-many and many-to-one.
  • Hardware Integration Services: RFID readers and gate; label printers; POS devices.
  • IoT Monitoring Center: integration with sensors and communicating devices for logs, alerts and notifications.
  • Core Services: role-based authorization; data visibility and segregration; extended parameterization.
  • Public API and Import/Export: online WEB services APIs and batch import/export.

S4GV Solutions

solutions cycle with uspThe S4GV Solutions are a set of perfectly integrated solutions built on top of the S4GV Information Platform services to support industry-specific requirements:

  • The Store Management solution answers all the "front" needs (POS, fidelity cards, promotions) as well as all the back room integrations for local stock management, automated replenishment from suppliers, etc.
  • The RFID Warehousing and Logistics solution covers all the requirements of a Warehouse Manager with a specific emphasis on RFID serialization for improved inbound/outbound accuracy and super-fast inventories.
  • The Tracking and Monitoring solution offers both real-time and deferred monitoring capabilities for transportation and for warehouse storage.
  • The Asset Management solution adds support for the items' life cycle and assignment history, in particular when dealing with the local logistics of large events/conferences.


By joining the features offered by the S4GV Platform all the S4GV Solutions, S4GV provides full end-to-end visibility, monitoring, tracking, traceability and execution across the entire Supply Chain.

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