Wine, Spirits and Alcohol - End-to-End Production and Supply Chain Management

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S4GV has been particularly successful in addressing the needs of different actors in the Spirits & Alcohol industry and specifically with wine: we have recently signed a deal to fully manage the grapevine grafting operations for a customer in the USA. We've also managed for years the warehousing operations of Soutirage, a very high-end premium wine reseller; Chad Meyer, Soutirage CEO, says: "Our focus is on advising, building and maintaining collections for private clients, with average bottle prices in the hundreds of dollars. At Soutirage, every bottle counts. We demand unparalleled granular visibility into our supply chain and our own warehousing. Thanks to S4GV's RFID automation, tamper-evident labels and 3PL, our inventory is maintained at 100% accuracy on a daily basis. A full cycle count takes just a few hours, so we can focus more time on relationships."

It is therefore with great motivation that we have built an environment specifically designed to cover the needs for high-end grafts and wine producers, providing full end-to-end traceability and certifying to customers with sky-high expectations that all has been done thoughout the chain to guarantee the highest standards of quality.

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Expect more care for your prestigious wine

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If you're like me, you treat your wine with good care. Extremely good care: I have a set of ageing wine-cellars with controlled temperature and humidity and with limited vibration, I pay attention to eventual smell, etc. This is not - I hope - out of being a wine-psycho but because I have purchased bottles that I want to last for many years and I'm somehow enjoying them all along their ageing phase, waiting for the moment I'll open them on special occasions with family or friends with whom we'll discuss how interesting these bottles are and what a good idea it was to buy them and treat them well.

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