S4GV relies on the top-level expertise and market knowledge of an ecosystem of partners.

Technology Partners

Anteleon Imagingpartner anteleon

Developing mobile solutions in the field of digital imaging since 2003 for applications in brand protection, copyright protection, high security and track and trace. Experts in image acquisition with smartphone cameras in any conditions, advanced proprietary imaging algorithms, real-time operation on smartphones and robust, micron-level analysis of viewed objects.

HPEpartner hp alliance one partner

The objective of the AllianeOne Partner Program is to provide hardware and software vendors, original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators the tools and resources they need for a successful, mutually beneficial relationship with HP.

NetSuitepartner bfn

NetSuite is the world's leading provider of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory and more.

S4GV is a certified "Built For NetSuite" provider for its NetSuite integration component.

SmartRespartner smartres

SmartRes is an Italian manufacturer of passive RFID tag (HF / UHF and NFC) in innovative packaging solutions for a wide range of application areas such as fashion industry, public transportation, access control, e-payment, e-passport, animal identification, industry and logistics and more.

Switracepartner switrace

Switrace specializes in the production of electronic devices, mainly for the monitoring of temperature and humidity. From its workshop in Ticino, Switrace is manufacturing and selling its popular “iPlug Logger” across Europe, Middle-East and Latin America. Switrace is active on food and pharmaceutical logistics, with adapted temperature monitoring solutions for both sectors.

Certified Resellers

Aizoon (Australia, Europe and USA)partner aizoon 2

Aizoon is an international IT/OT company focused on industrial and consumer Internet of Things applications, from distribution and retail of consumer goods, to automotive manufacturing, craft beer and wine brewing, spare parts management and supply chain execution. We do so combining the highest standards and practices in terms of cybersecurity, for which we offer custom services and solutions.

Integradores Logisticos (South America)partner integradores logisticos 2

Propendemos por el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías y aplicaciones que permitan a nuestros clientes la alineación y adelgazamiento de la cadena de abastecimiento, el desarrollo de la logística de mercadeo y la agilización de los procesos de relacionamiento con el cliente.


Phloema (Italy)partner phloema

Phloema is an Italian company covering two main activities: "Consulting and management" and "Innovation and technology". Its expertise relies in software and system integration - with a particular focus on RFID, NFC and sensors - as well as the management of new processes and technologies.